Erika Rintala - Lientzer Dolomiten

Lientzer Dolomiten 2014 - Live and learn

Live and learn, learn by doing. Very basic stuff to remember.

  • Never underestimate the approaching time.
  • It can take surprisingly long time to find the beginning of the route. 
  • It also takes more or less time to check all the gear again and again. And yes, you need to check all that gear more than once.
  • Make realistic time estimations and calculations for all the pitches.
  • Perform everything faster. Climb faster, set up anchors faster, clean anchors faster, eat faster, enjoy the view faster..
  • Don't tangle the ropes. Just don't.
  • Setting sun is beautiful but it's the last notice to go home.
  • In case you don't mind that notice be prepared to rappel faster - nights are damn cold up there.
  • Billion star view is perfect but you really need to get down if you don't have a proper bivvy equipment. Rappel faster.
  • Breathe deep and don't panic. Panic doesn't help you. Untangled ropes, headlamps and good company will.